Version 0.7.2
Elementals now attack you, sorry!
Added reddit link for feedback
Fixed some bad linking in alerts
Fixed Tooltips, oops

Version 0.7.1
New Resource Bar
Import/Export Save
Erronous Cost fixes
Day/Night Mode
Some code to catch NaN, hopefully
x10 Buttons added

Version 0.7
Lots of UI improvements
Rudimentary Achievements
Elemental Fights now working
Lots of bug fixes

You can now lose units during battle if your army isn't sufficiently more than the minimum requirement
Rudimentary Questing system implemented
Quests added for resources
Added some more icons here and there
Added a statistics page
Dwarf battle
Relics page
Added Ability to name kingdom

Dropped tome cost of Angels to 30 tomes
Some Necromancer fixes
Paper mill upgrade should now disable appropriately
Changed popovers to hover instead of click
Added paper per second to image
Added images to spells
Various layout adjustments
Popover tooltip should now take in to account upgrades for values

Lots of bug fixes
Added tavern generated lumberjacks
Dropped cost of paper to 50 wood, clickable should also be improved by the upgrade too
Gathering resources should no longer be tab-able
Fixed rosary beads so they're actually functioning
Fixed Fireball description
Fixed paper cost for Scribing
Should be able to buy flapjacks now
Flapjacks should actually add lumberjacks now
Phantom Axes


Added Paper as a resource
Added Hermit Battle
Added Fire Ball spell
Collapseable battle entries
New battles
Gold click upgrade 2
Added number formatting for space issues/clarity


Succubus should be hidden until you defeat wizard now
Lumberjack upgrade now functions correctly
Fixed tavern adding to peasant and miner costs
Added mana progress bar
Buildings that can have multiples now scale in all costs

Version 0.6.9

Added another battle...

Version 0.6.8

Changed resources costs to icons
Fixed buying clicking upgrade

Version 0.6.7

Added first magic spell, fast forward

Version 0.6.6

Added wood resource
Added lumberjack unit
Added lumberjack upgrade

Version 0.6.5

Fixed scaling to all other unit costs
Version 0.6.4

Added scaling to all other unit costs
Fixed Paladin Weapon Imbue to now properly double power
Added a few upgrades

Version 0.6.2

Added better iron picture Fixed Shades and Aspects not adding battle or spiritual power

Version 0.6.1
Added a change log